Our Team Encompasses The Most Experienced Market Researchers, Statisticians And Strategy Development Consultants In The Industry.
Exirticaret Family Group


Exir Is located in Istanbul, looking at international markets for opportunities to grow its business, and completing its international business plan. Exir works through its potential and cooperating with its strategic partners overseas.

Metals and Minerals

Food Industry

Construction Materials


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Why Choose Us

Exir is happy to work with any party brought forward by its clients and is proud to provide its clients with the best support for all the requirements, it has some other sister companies then can extend its service through its strategic partners. Exir focus is to build long term relationships with its clients, not simply a quick sale! The slogan says it all”The Power of Quality”, then we will strive and are committed to provide the maximum level of stability in our services for the clients. Our team encompasses the most experienced market researchers, statisticians and strategy development consultants in the industry.


We are very committed to innovating and providing new healthy alternatives for human consumption in order to make everyone’s life easier.