Is located in Istanbul, looking at international markets for opportunities to grow its business, and completing its international business plan. Exir works through its potential and cooperating with its strategic partners overseas.

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Since launching in 2012, Exir has had one mission: to propel professionals on their path to career success, Exir Belongs to a premium level company with more than 75 years’ experience where has its overseas operations and produces more than 350 food items and with a great communication in International Business Development. In 2019 Exir reached to be Golestan Official distributors in Asia and Europe and extended its activities to international market , it grew its business communication  in supply and distribution ,then got up to dated relation with overseas companies who were eager to extend their international business Exir believe that should be one of the few companies in this space that can actually deliver on what it’s promise.

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Exir want to become your main source for your supply needs and believe that business is a win-win cooperation, Exir loves to create for those who enjoy venturing themselves and others. Elevated quality and bold sophisticated statements embody the spirit of the brand and tries to do its best. In a concise statement, Exir is eager to work for E-commerce clients, Construction companies, supply chain of raw materials through well- known suppliers, Minerals , petrochemicals, Metals , Food stuffs . Exir has enough potential to be supplier’s hubs for Foods products, such as Tea Bags, Saffron, Pistachio, Nuts, Spices, Snacks, Rice, date palm, Tomato Paste, wheat Flour , Wheat, Noodles and Rock Candy. Per Construction materials such as Tiles, Stone, Ceramic, Porcelain, Mosaic & Natural Stone Tiles and in metal categories some products such as Coppers , Aluminum ingot A7 , A8 and the rest. Exir enthusiastically  welcome a wide range of deals with different origins .


We are very committed to innovating and providing new healthy alternatives for human consumption in order to make everyone’s life easier.