Persian Nabat, also known as persian rock candy with saffron expert, is a sugar substitute that is actually produced by the saturation of sugarcane. These days, rock candies are made into sticks and branches with various flavors and added to herbal and Persian teas to make them sweeter. 

Similar to how grandmothers used to prescribe tea and rock candy for any discomfort in the past. Why does candy have a speedy healing effect when it also acts as a laxative and is highly efficient in treating lung diseases and reducing bloating? 

Make sure you have rock candy with your beverages if you do not have diabetes. Eat Persian saffron rock candy if you’re complaining about your food’s poor digestion. According to ancient Iranian medicine, Persian saffron rock candy is a miracle worker. 

However, with the variety of rock candy available today and the unfamiliar preparation methods, it is best to make your own at home. In this blog article, let’s discuss how you can make saffron candy with the best recipe. 

History of Saffron Candy 

The history of saffron rock candy is not well documented, but it is certain that the inhabitants of Iran and the Indian subcontinent were the first to prepare and eat it. The product’s name, which translates to “plant,” comes from the traditional uses of therapeutic herbs made by the ancient Iranians and Egyptians. 

One could argue that the original generation of candies was rock candy. Among the most popular shapes are the wooden and branch ones love’s saffron processing plant. Stick candy is useful for sweetening tea and herbal liquids. 

Also, the branch variant is frequently useful for decorating weddings and seven sin tables during Nowruz. Everyone who uses this product experiences heartache relief. Moreover, it works especially well when dissolved in hot tea. 

Benefits of Rock Candy With Saffron

In addition to saffron’s health benefits, rock candy sticks also have some. This strong, sweet treat is excellent for indigestion and also works as a laxative, an anti-flatulent, and a constipation reliever. 

Mix it with hot water to relieve tummy pains, as well as bothersome dry coughs and cramping in the muscles. Traditional medicine’s perspective on the benefits of therapeutic rock candy with saffron. 

Recipe of Saffron Candy In Just 3 Step

1.    Melting The Sugar

To begin, combine the sugar and water in a pot, stir well, and heat the mixture until the sugar dissolves. Take the sugar off the heat source and allow it to cool for ten minutes once it has melted. 

2.    The Candy’s Flavor

Pick a few jars that are the proper depth, fill them with sugar and water, add saffron and any other flavor you like, and set aside one jar to be mixed with permitted food coloring or cardamom and ginger powder. 

3.    Making Saffron Rock Candies

This is how simple it is to make our nutritious and healthful Persian saffron rock candy: after 5 days. Remove the wet candy from the jar and hang it on a string using a clip to help it dry. Savor your food


Break away the thin layer of sugar crystals on top with a fork. After taking the stick containing the rock candy out of the solution, let it dry on another glass. This will enable any sugar water that drips to be contained. Give them four hours or so to dry. The crystals will get bigger the longer they are left in the water. 

This recipe is simple, but it’s not dependable. Since it’s a food science experiment, there will inevitably be some problems the first few times you try it. If you’re looking for rock candy with saffron in bulk, buy from Exirticaret at in affordable price.

Best 8 Types Flavors of Saffron Candy:

There are now many other flavors available. However, in the past, the only popular variations were saffron and white (basic).

There are tons of additional tastes available. Naturally, the saffron variety remains the mainstay and remains distinct in terms of flavor and hue. Play Rock Candy mines secret level if you love saffron candy.

Consider The Following for The Rock Candy with Persian Saffron

When making rock candy, it is preferable to use boiled water or filtered water. To make the rock candy, you can use whatever essential oil you choose, like a rose. To prevent the wooden skewer from touching the glass’s bottom, the clip needs to be bigger than the glass’s opening.

If two clamps are needed, use them. When the sugar dissolves in the water, add an egg white to the mixture to separate and capture the sugar impurities. In this instance, the boiling water and the egg white are bound together by the contaminants. 

After that, remove the egg white from the water. The better the rock candy, the more sugar you should think about when making persian rock candy with saffron flavor. In this instance, following preparation, the cantaloupe crystals will be bigger.

When making Persian saffron rock candy, it is preferable to avoid using plastic or throwaway cups. Initially, the water and sugar solution have a high temperature that might lead to glass melting and be detrimental to one’s health. Until the rock candy crystals are ready, do not shake the container holding the solution. 


A tasty science experiment involves creating rock candy with saffron at home! You can try varying the flavors and colors. It’s a fantastic exercise to carry out with the kids. With just a few ingredients, making it is really simple. 

But keep in mind that this is more of a scientific experiment than a precise recipe. The water and sugar solution needs to be thick in order to produce a more beautiful appearance and larger crystals in the Persian saffron rock candy. 

In other words, a high amount of sugar is appropriate. Simply use the preferred mold to create rock candy in the shape of a board whether you want to convert it into a heart or another shape. Remove the rock candy from the mold once it has solidified. Persian tea, sour cherry tea, and gol gav zaban are served with Persian saffron rock candy.

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