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Stone trade is the other hand of Exir achievements, we got enough knowledge regarding natural stone and its importance in human life, it is obvious that the stones extracted from nature with the increasing population will not be enough for people’s needs in the near future. We also cannot ignore the fact that quarries destroy nature. But these days, high-tech machines offer us options similar to natural stones, but more durable, longer-lasting and cheaper than the natural type, in anyhow we reached a verified suppliers and also manufacture where has enough tools and well machinery in stone cutting in the world. Now Exir is able to supply many such artificial stone products, such as artificial stone, quartz stone, porcelain, sintered stone, ceramic, composite, stone decor, glass mosaic, interior furniture, table tops, wall stone, column stair, landscaping stone, gravestone headstone, stone tile and slabs, stone block counter tops.

Popular first-hand, affordable and popular all kind natural stone blocks are gathered here in Exir, as well as newly released aesthetically appealing, easily marketable new stone blocks.

Improve Your Projects with Premium Construction Materials Supplies

Build with confidence by utilizing our high-quality building products, which are built for outstanding strength and long-lasting durability. Our products offer the cornerstone for success whether you’re building a new house, remodeling an existing one, or taking on a do-it-yourself project. They guarantee that your constructions withstand the test of time with unparalleled resilience.

Expertise in Design for Smooth Integration

Our precision-crafted building materials allow you to achieve excellence in every aspect. They fit together perfectly and are designed for seamless integration, giving you the ability to build smooth surfaces, strong frames, and beautiful finishes. Our carefully designed components will improve the projects’ appearance and usefulness.

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