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Aluminum is a silvery-white, light metal. It’s soft and pliable. Aluminum is rarely found in nature alone, although it makes up 8.1% of the Earth’s crust. Exirticaret’s wholesale metal aluminum supplier has a flawless reputation for consistently providing customers with excellent goods and services.

Usually, minerals like bauxite and cryolite contain it. These minerals are silicates of aluminum. We provide huge quantities of the best aluminum available. Its precise cutting is always available with tolerances of +/-.005. In addition, we have achieved ISO 9001:2015 accreditation, demonstrating our commitment to excellence and customer satisfaction.

Origins of Aluminum Metal

The source of aluminum, a lightweight and adaptable metal, is the mineral bauxite, which is high in aluminum oxide. In tropical and subtropical areas, weathering of rocks is the main process that produces bauxite. Its development is mostly caused by high temperatures and heavy rainfall, which break down rocks that contain aluminum more easily.

Using the Bayer method, aluminum is extracted from bauxite. Karl Bayer invented this method in 1888 to convert bauxite into alumina (aluminum oxide). Next, alumina can be electrolyzed to reduce to aluminum metal using the Hall-Héroult method, which was developed in 1886 by Charles Martin Hall and Paul Héroult.

Composition of Aluminum Metal

The chemical element aluminum has the atomic number thirteen and the symbol Al. It has several properties in common with elements such as boron, gallium, indium, and thallium since it is a member of the boron group. It is a lightweight, silvery-white metal with a low melting point.

In addition, the atomic structure of aluminum is made up of 13 electrons that are positioned in orbits around the nucleus. Its atomic structure, especially the configuration of electrons in its electron cloud, affects its characteristics. Although aluminum in its pure form has several benefits, it is more frequently utilized in alloy form to improve particular features. Common alloys made of aluminum include:

  • Copper cathode purity (such as alloys 2024 and 6061).
  • Zinc (such as alloy 7075).
  • Magnesium (such as alloys 5052 and 5083).

These alloys provide a range of thermal, mechanical, and corrosion-resistant properties, broadening the applications of aluminum across industries.

Premium Grade Best Aluminum Manufacturers

Exirticaret Aluminum Processing Services provides a lightweight material made entirely of pure aluminum, weighing only 2.7 g/cm3. As an electrical conductor, it works well. Aluminum is an ideal heat and electrical conductor. It is highly conductive, making it easy for electricity to flow through. In addition, heat energy may pass through aluminum quickly as it is a heat conductor. At 660.32 degrees Celsius (1220.58 degrees Fahrenheit), aluminum has a melting temperature that is significantly lower than that of several other metals.

Only aluminum can be recycled completely, even though most other metals can be recycled to some extent. Additionally, aluminum does not deteriorate when recycled; it retains all of its quality. Essentially, a significant portion of the inexpensive cost of producing aluminum components stems from how quickly and easily metal is machined. Aluminum is inherently resistant to corrosion because of this thin, protective oxide coating that develops on its surface. Although aluminum is a reactive metal in general, the protective oxide layer reduces this reactivity and slows down the rate of corrosion.

The low density is what is wholesale metal aluminum supplier for business offers. Compared to many other metals, it is lightweight due to its very low density. As a result, it is highly thermally conductible, non-toxic, and has outstanding corrosion resistance. Furthermore, it has no sparking or magnetic qualities. Aluminum is therefore the sixth most ductile metal overall and the second most malleable metal. With a tensile strength of 90 MPa for commercial usage, pure aluminum is an excellent choice for structural materials.

Buy Metal Online For Various Industrial Uses

The custom extrusions iron ingot aluminum offers a variety of uses. It may be found in many different products, including beer kegs, cans, foils, kitchen utensils, window frames, and aircraft parts. Its distinct features explain this. It also has these qualities in addition to low density, non-toxicity, high thermal conductivity, excellent corrosion resistance, and ease of machining, forming, and casting. Furthermore, aluminum doesn’t ignite or have a magnetic property.

Considering that aluminum is not a very strong material, an Exirticaret alloy is beneficial. Alloys made of silicon, magnesium, manganese, and copper are strong but lightweight. They are essential to the creation of automobiles such as aircraft. Aluminum is a common material useful in electrical transmission lines because it is a superior electrical conductor. Compared to copper, it is less expensive. Thus, making quartz silica stone useful for various purposes. Some of its uses are below:

  1. Aircraft: Aluminum is a mainstay in the aircraft sector due to its strength and low weight. It is useful in fuselage panels as well as structural parts of aircraft.
  2. Automobiles: Aluminum’s lightweight design helps cars run more fuel efficiently. It is useful in items including body structures, wheels, and engine parts.
  3. Construction: Due to its corrosion resistance, aluminum is useful in this field. It is helpful in roofing, window frames, and structural elements.
  4. Packaging: Aluminum is easily shaped into a variety of forms due to its malleability. It is useful in food and beverage cans and other packaging materials.
  5. Electrical Industry: Because of its conductivity, aluminum may be useful for wiring and power lines, among other electrical conductors.
  6. Consumer Goods: Aluminum’s aesthetic appeal and adaptability make it a popular option in the fabrication of consumer goods, ranging from domestic items to electrical equipment.

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Industrial metal supply can meet all of your needs thanks to our wide range of industry resources, highly qualified staff, and capacity to handle any size job requiring extrusions, sheet stock, plates, or fabrication

Quartz Silica

Spec of Aluminum: Q Value demaned by norm GOST 1106974 A7 A8 Al Min.99.7% Min.99.8% Fe Max 0.16% Max 0.11% Si Max.0.15% Max.0.08% Cu Max. 0.01% Max. 0.01% Zn Max 0.05% Max 0.05% Ti Max 0.02% Max 0.02%   Quartz Silica is a Precious Mineral (ore). As a result, Exir research and development team has identified the verified buyers and suppliers of this product by studying the market with close attention and is active in the field of supplying products with the highest quality at the specified time based on quantity of the order, origin and destination of delivery of the goods. Silica Quartz according to its important role among minerals can be recognized as one of the most consumed goods in the world in the near future. For buying and selling your product, you can trust Exir located in Turkey with the registered address. One of Exir Ticaret's great

Copper Cathode

Spec of Aluminum: Q Value demaned by norm GOST 1106974 A7 A8 Al Min.99.7% Min.99.8% Fe Max 0.16% Max 0.11% Si Max.0.15% Max.0.08% Cu Max. 0.01% Max. 0.01% Zn Max 0.05% Max 0.05% Ti Max 0.02% Max 0.02%   We can supply Copper cathode from America and South Africa, and also delivery is in all safe ports of the world along with providing various types of commercial insurance. Package delivery duration is flexible and variable. It depends on the quantity of order, origin and destination. Exir Ticaret Company is able to supply the product with payment term of -12% LME Price. LC/DLC MT700 Irrevocable Transferable, payment will be happening at destination port after SGS report (100%LC at sight) One of Exir Ticaret's great potentials is supply abroad Copper cathode from different origins with different payment terms VALUE ELEMENTS VALUE ELEMENTS 0.3 ppm Max. Si Silica 99.97%-99.99% Cu Copper 0.1 ppm

Aluminium A7-A8

Spec of Aluminum: Q Value demaned by norm GOST 1106974 A7 A8 Al Min.99.7% Min.99.8% Fe Max 0.16% Max 0.11% Si Max.0.15% Max.0.08% Cu Max. 0.01% Max. 0.01% Zn Max 0.05% Max 0.05% Ti Max 0.02% Max 0.02%  

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