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Boost your business with our state-of-the-art petrochemicals good, which are made to propel advancement and stimulate creativity in a variety of sectors. With every application, our high-performance solutions—which bring efficiency, dependability, and sustainability—form the foundation of contemporary infrastructure, from manufacturing to transportation.

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Our premium petrochemicals provide unparalleled performance and enhance efficiency. Our products are precision engineered, produced to the highest standards, and optimize operations while minimizing downtime and increasing production. Put your faith in our solutions’ ability to consistently and reliably satisfy your most demanding needs.

Urea 46%

One of Exir Ticaret’s great potentials is supply abroad urea from different origins with different payment terms Specification urea 46%, granular Urea 46% carbamide Urea Granular Nitrogen 46% Biuret 1%max by weight Bunter 1%max by weight Moisture 1%max by weight Anti- Caking agent Treated against anti-Caking Periled 1-4 mm 90% Free ammonia 160 pxt ppm […]

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