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Copper cathode is the primary raw material used to manufacture copper rods for the wire and cable sector. More than 450 alloys contain copper, which is also used to make items, including brass, copper tube, and copper sheet.

Exirticaret Copper Cathode wholesale supplier provides the highest quality and premium valuable grade for plumbing, other applications, and electrical wire. Also, we typically produce them by electrolytically purifying copper ore or waste copper. We have a team of experts with years of experience in handling different metals and ensuring the quality of the product.

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As leading Copper Cathodes Supplier and Manufacturers, we provide users with the best quality material. Our Copper recycling is a desirable alternative to conventional copper manufacturing because it offers several environmental advantages. Recycling copper cathodes lessens the quantity of copper trash dumped in landfills. Likewise, contribute to reducing the energy usage and greenhouse gas emissions linked to the traditional manufacture of copper. It has remarkable resistant qualities.

Also, it is famous for both its extreme purity and steady quality. So, using the electro-refining process, we manufacture copper cathodes in square 6 mm thick plates with a purity level of 99.99 percent copper. Thus, it creates copper wire because it is a superior heat- and electricity conductor. Also, Exirticaret Copper Cathode Wholesale is malleable, making it a great material for thin, flexible wires like those used in electrical and audio systems.

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Exirticaret Copper Cathode wholesale supplier products are helpful in various industries such as building, electrical, and transportation. Although copper is a useful metal with many uses, mining, and extraction may negatively affect the environment. Copper cathodes are useful to make continuous cast copper rods in the transformer, wire, and cable industries. In the form of alloys and sheets, they are also useful in the production of copper tubes for consumer durables and other purposes.

Manufacturing high-purity copper and copper alloy products use copper cathodes as a raw material input. Therefore, they are safe to use and safe from outside pollution when we transport them.

Copper Cathode Wholesale Supplier – Exirticaret

Exirticaret ensures that its operations adhere to the highest standards to maintain its long-standing reputation for producing high-quality copper cathodes and continuous-cast copper rods. Copper Cathode wholesale supplier also makes fertilizers, precious metals, sulphuric and phosphoric acid, and fertilizers. Thus, we have the best Copper Cathodes Manufacturers with years of experience.

Certificate of Inspection issued by Société Générale de Surveillance (SGS) finalizes the quality and quantity according to the Loading Port. Then we provide the CIQ Report at the Discharge Port. We are the best copper and wholesale metal aluminum supplier offering quality with convenience and the fastest shipping. So, choose our highest-quality copper cathode and get the best for multiple applications.

Product Description

Spec of Aluminum:

QValue demaned by norm GOST 1106974
FeMax 0.16%Max 0.11%
CuMax. 0.01%Max. 0.01%
ZnMax 0.05%Max 0.05%
TiMax 0.02%Max 0.02%


We can supply Copper cathode from America and South Africa, and also delivery is in all safe ports of the world along with providing various types of commercial insurance. Package delivery duration is flexible and variable. It depends on the quantity of order, origin and destination. Exir Ticaret Company is able to supply the product with payment term of -12% LME Price.

LC/DLC MT700 Irrevocable Transferable, payment will be happening at destination port after SGS report (100%LC at sight)

One of Exir Ticaret’s great potentials is supply abroad Copper cathode from different origins with different payment terms

0.3 ppm Max.SiSilica99.97%-99.99%CuCopper
0.1 ppm Max.BiBismuth0.2 ppm Max.CoCobalt
0.05 ppm Max.TeTellurium0.2 ppm Max.PbLead
10 ppm Max.AgSilver2 ppm Max.FeIron
0.3 ppm Max.SeSelenium0.5 ppm Max.AlAluminum
4 ppm Max.SSulphur0.1 ppm Max.MnManganese
0.4 ppm Max.MgMagnesium0.2 ppm Max.NiNickel
0O2Oxygen0.1 ppm Max.SbAntimony
0.1 ppm Max.AsArsenic


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