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Bulk Wholesale Iranian Round Pistachio Exporter

Searching for a wholesale Iranian Round Pistachio Exporter? Exir pistachio is a perfect choice. This pistachio tree produces pistachios as seeds. They are typically green and a little bit sweet. The color of the kernels can vary from yellow to various green tones. They typically measure half an inch in diameter and an inch long.

At Exir wholesale Iranian Round Pistachio Supplier, we offer quality Pistachio nuts from Iran, Turkey, and other regions. We have a large selection of premium pistachios that have been hand-picked to ensure the highest quality. After the collection from pistachio farms, we check the quality before roasting it with saffron and salt. As a leading distributor, we ensure these pistachio nuts are packaged and sealed. Thus, it will assure you of the quality and purity of our product.

High Quality Wholesale Pistachio Nuts

At Exri, we offer the best quality, rich in protein, and help make delicious snacks and food. Pistachios are an excellent source of healthy fiber, fats, and a wide range of vitamins, such as B6 and thiamine. They come with unsaturated fat, fiber, and minerals that can control your cholesterol, blood pressure, and blood sugar. Since they make a healthy and filling snack, they can aid with weight management. Additionally, it increases the tone and suppleness of your blood vessels.

Also, these pistachio nuts are high in antioxidants, help with weight loss, and enhance the flavor of rich gravies and sweets. The pistachio nuts on the site come from reputable suppliers who ethically source the nuts from the world’s best places.

Moreover, being a reputable wholesale Iranian Round Pistachio Exporter, we only sell quality dried fruits naturally. We sell pistachios in shells high in vitamins and minerals, maintaining a healthy heart and losing weight. Also, it helps to avoid diabetes and hypertension.

Bulk Pistachios For Sale At Wholesale Price

Bulk Pistachio wholesalers and distributors provide highly nutritious nuts with a mildly sweet flavor for sweet cuisine. They enhance the flavor of pasta dishes, whole grain pilafs, salads, and risotto. Also, Pistachios are a type of nut high in good fats, plant protein, and fiber. Because of their unique and authentic flavor, you can use them in baking desserts such as cakes or Biscuits. Also, you can use them in sweet and savory side dishes.

These include using them as a snack, salad garnish, pizza topping, or even baking to provide various sweets and meals with a lovely green or purple color. Desserts in shades of green might include cheesecake or pistachio gelato. Additionally, it is useful to produce nut butter or pesto, much like other nuts.

Wholesale Iranian Round Pistachio Exporter – Exirticaret

Exirticaret is the best and leading supplier of pistachio. Pick the pistachio nuts that suit your needs from Exir’s enormous assortment. These are perfect for pistachio nut wholesalers who wish to buy large quantities of high-quality goods at discounted prices. Wholesale Iranian Round Pistachio Exporter have years of expertise in offering the freshest fresh fruits to customers.

Therefore, we are the high-quality pistachios and wholesale organic saffron distributor at the lowest possible price for industrial baking. By topping your sweet dishes with the greatest garnish, people may raise the quality of your cuisine. Contact us for further information

Product Description

Pistachios are a good source of vitamins and minerals which help people have healthy heart, manage their weight and protect against diabetes and hypertension.. After the finest pistachios are harvested from pistachio farms in Iran they go through quality control in our laboratory, and then are roasted using saffron and salt.

The commercial pistachio varieties of Iran are these types:

  • Akbari Pistachio (Super Long Pistachio)
  • Ahmad Aghaei Pistachio (Long Pistachio)
  • Fandoghi Pistachio (Round Pistachio)
  • Kalleh ghouchi Pistachio (Jumbo Pistachio)
  • Badami Pistachio (Row Long Pistachio


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