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Quartz silica, sometimes called crystalline silicon dioxide or silica, is a mineral that may be found in the natural world. Usually clean or white, although little imperfections can produce a range of colors. Most crystals are hexagonal prisms, and the sides of open spaces are frequently lined with these prisms’ pyramidal ends. The majority of cryptocrystalline variants are large snow white quartz lumps supplier.

Exirticaret Mineral Silica Quartz supplier offers the best quality at the most affordable price. Our precious stones have multiple benefits and go with multiple applications. Their unique molecular structure enables stones made of the substance to enlarge over time.

Crystalline And Snow White Mineral Silica Quartz

Exirticaret Snow White Quartz Lumps supplier offers the best quality and pure Mineral Silica Quartz. They have thermal stress resistant, chemically robust, non-hygroscopic, and pure chemically. The materials’ thermal characteristics enable them to resist high processing temperatures without risk of deterioration or damage. Also, they have Low thermal expansion and good resilience to thermal shock. Also, they have substantial radiation resistance. Thus, it allows visible, ultraviolet, and infrared light to transmit through them.

Besides hydrofluoric acid, fused silica is chemically inert and resistant to most acids. Fused silica is a top contender for creating new applications because of its strength, transparency, and thermal stability. They have high chemical resistance and cleanliness. Also, they have strong heat resistance and a high softening point. Thus, our quartz silica has a high degree of chemical purity and exceptional electrical insulation. Also, Mineral Silica Quartz supplier ensure that it works for multiple applications and have the capacity to operate permanently at 1100° C or temporarily at 1300° C

The Best Snow White Quartz Lumps Supplier Offering & Usage

Exirticaret silica quartz manufacturers and suppliers offer the perfect materials for environments because they can withstand a wide variety of high temperatures and corrosive chemicals used in quartz countertops and pharmaceutical industrial activities.

Snow white mineral [Silica Quartz] supplier products are also perfect building materials because they have low conductivity, strong penetrating field strength, and low electric loss factors. Many light-based systems (like lasers) depend on glass optical parts, such as fused silica and quartz, to concentrate or separate light to carry out their functions.

Many optical components, including lenses, mirrors, UV and IR transmitting optics, and metrology parts, are made from fused silica and quartz. Fused silica and quartz display high heat and radiation resistance, making them appropriate for use in machinery subjected to such processes, such as semiconductor components and medical equipment.

Mineral Silica Quartz Supplier Distributor – Exirticaret

Exirticaret has been producing high-quality customized crystal fabrication for almost a century. We have a comprehensive selection of fused silica and quartz glasses made by several manufacturers, each of which has special benefits. We have experts who have a great understanding and knowledge about these precious crystals.

Also, Mineral Silica Quartz supplier have a strict quality control process that ensures that buyers get the best quality in bulk. All of our products are highly beneficial to use. For instance, the three-dimensional cross-linked structure of our fused silica exhibits exceptional thermal shock resistance, UV and IR transparency, and almost low thermal expansion. So, we are the best Crystal and 99.99% pure Copper Cathode wholesale supplier. Contact us or get a quotation today for more information about Silica Quartz Prices and our goods and services.

Product Description

Spec of Aluminum:

QValue demaned by norm GOST 1106974
FeMax 0.16%Max 0.11%
CuMax. 0.01%Max. 0.01%
ZnMax 0.05%Max 0.05%
TiMax 0.02%Max 0.02%


Quartz Silica is a Precious Mineral (ore).

As a result, Exir research and development team has identified the verified buyers and suppliers of this product by studying the market with close attention and is active in the field of supplying products with the highest quality at the specified time based on quantity of the order, origin and destination of delivery of the goods.

Silica Quartz according to its important role among minerals can be recognized as one of the most consumed goods in the world in the near future. For buying and selling your product, you can trust Exir located in Turkey with the registered address. One of Exir Ticaret’s great potentials is supply abroad Quartz from different origins with different payment terms.

Si02       =   98%  Min. 






Super Semi GRITS-25-80 mm

Fe203   =0.03% Max
Color   =White
Size     =30-80 mm
Whiteness is 97% approx.
Production capacity= 1.5 TPH
Si02       =   99%  Min. 





Quartz Washed Snow White 20mm

Fe203   =0.3% Max
Color   =White
Size     =15-30 mm
Whiteness is 97% approx.
Production capacity = 2TPH
Si02       =   99.5%  Min. 





Snow White quartz Lumps

Fe203 =0.01% Max
Color   = All side white
 Size     =In lumps from
 Whiteness is 98% approx.

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