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Iranian Rice



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Exirticaret is pleased to present its fine Iranian Rice, a culinary masterpiece that captures the spirit of Iran’s illustrious agricultural legacy. This Rice, which comes from the productive fields of Iran, is a shining example of how skillful workmanship and the abundance of nature can coexist in perfect harmony. Thus, Iranian Rice from Exirticaret is an unbeatable option for sophisticated palates thanks to its distinctive scent, seductive texture, and unmatched flavor.

Each grain of Exirticaret Iranian rice wholesale supplier reflects the company’s dedication to providing products of the highest caliber. Our manufacturer uses time-test techniques to grow them. Thus, it passes down through generations, guaranteeing a genuine experience. Each grain is the product of years of experience, devotion, and a strong bond with the land.

High Quality Rice Wholesale Manufacturers

The Rice from Iran is among the greatest in the world. The Rice has long, delicate grains that are the height of culinary grace. When cooked, these grains become a tapestry of flavors, capturing the real flavor of Persian food. Exirticaret Iranian rice wholesale supplier’s Iranian Rice has a seductive scent that envelopes it as it cooks, setting the stage for a sensory symphony.

Also, one may enjoy the complex nutty undertones that go wonderfully with a wide variety of foods with each bite. This feature of Iranian white Rice might be helpful for persons who suffer from nausea, indigestion, or heartburn after eating.

Additionally, it has the perfect texture balance, boosting your culinary creations with a welcoming and pleasant texture. The Rice is naturally gluten-free and a rich source of vital nutrients, adding to a satisfying culinary experience and a wholesome way of life. Also, they aid in weight reduction since foods with a low glycemic index result in greater weight loss than those high in fat.

Premium Quality Persian Rice For A Variety Of Dishes

Persian Rice is an important part of today’s Persian culinary tradition. People can eat it with stews like Ghormeh Sabzi, Gheymeh, Fesenjan, and chicken-based dishes like Zereshk polo ba Morgh. Thus, with Exirticaret’s Iranian Rice, customers set out on a culinary adventure that honors genuine tastes, cultural variety, and beloved traditions. Exirticaret Bulk rice wholesale supplier products serve as a varied medium for gourmet discovery, ranging from classic Iranian delights like Tahchin and Chelo Kebab to creative fusion meals.

Also, our Rice is popular in various sectors like the food industry for various industrial purposes.; also, they help restaurants and hotels to provide their clients with the best quality. Various catering businesses prefer to use Exirticaret Iranian rice. Thus, they are ideal for any event, party, or dinner.

Iranian Rice Wholesale Supplier Exirticaret

Exirticaret’s dedication to excellence goes beyond the fields. From planting through packing, every step of Rice’s journey is painstaking. Thus, it regulates to ensure that the ultimate product meets the highest standards. The foundations of Exirticaret’s commitment to its devoted clients are quality and freshness.

Iranian rice wholesale supplier is aware of the value of sustainable methods. The communities that are ecologically friendly use to grow Rice. A purchase from Exirticaret rice and Bulk noodles wholesale suppliers is more than simply a decision—it’s a proactive move in the direction of a brighter future.

So, discover Exirticaret’s Iranian Rice right now to open up a world of culinary opportunities. Embrace heritage, celebrate authenticity, and savor the flavors of Iran’s finest grains. Place your purchase right away to begin an amazing adventure via taste and culture.

Product Description

Iranian rice has the highest quality in the world. Tarom and Hashemi are the two most popular rice types in Iran country. Hashemi rice types are grown in the best rice farmlands in the Iranian province of Mazandaran and after its quality is tested in laboratories, it is packed in  Golestan Brand which is unique since we believe our customers dese the best.


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